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Welcome to Soltura!

Soltura--a unique and exciting place where people just like you embark on their own heroic journey of self-discovery. We believe that attitude dictates our experiences and that all people have the FREEDOM to make the choice to change their attitude and transform their lives. Our workshops reflect the concept that healing is a dynamic, interactive, creative process that focuses on making changes from the inside out.

Soltura offers an environment where participants can slow down, face life issues, break through barriers and find meaningful ways to move forward. We believe each person ultimately holds the key to his or her own best answers. At Soltura, we provide the space, activities and opportunity for participants to reconnect with what they already know, but may have forgotten.

Note: All photos displayed on this site were taken during Soltura Workshops and depict real participants.

Introduction to Soltura Workshops

Soltura offers personal growth workshops for men and women of all ages. Participants range from people struggling with new challenges in life to those who are stuck in old patterns of living who find that their life is not as fulfilling as they had envisioned. Soltura workshop participants include individuals looking for a different way to experience their lives or seeking a new understanding of their inner self. Programs are geared to anyone who has the desire to change their personal perspective and experience personal freedom. Individuals of any ethnic background, religious faith, or lifestyle orientation are welcome.


Personal Growth Series

The Personal Growth Series provides a path to personal freedom--the freedom to be your authentic self, the freedom to change your attitude, the freedom to make choices and control your life. The series consists of three sequential workshops designed using parables in which hidden truths and life lessons are cleverly disguised within simple stories. Each workshop in the series builds upon the one before it by requiring participants to apply the lessons and tools learned in earlier workshops to new challenges as they continue their journey toward self-discovery and empowerment. Though there is no requirement to complete all three workshops, it is recommended as each workshop has a different focus, life lessons and tools. Most participants are able to complete the trilogy over a period of 12 to 18 months, allowing time to process the experience between workshops.