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Donate to Support Our Growth

Soltura Foundation is supported by workshop fees and private donations, mostly made by workshop participants and members of this website. We are also fortunate to have the support of a number of corporate sponsors or foundations who have been key to our growth.

Soltura Foundation accepts tax-deductible donations to help in the continued growth of our organization and to enable us to provide our workshops to a larger audience. Two funds are available--or you may donate to the general fund and we will decide where the need is the greatest.

Share It Forward Scholarship Fund provides partial tuition scholarships to participants who would not otherwise be able to experience the Soltura workshops, due to their limited financial resources.

Keeping the Dream Alive Fund helps Soltura purchase supplies and equipment essential to our operations by ensuring that participants are comfortable and that their basic needs are being met. This typically involves equipment requiring resources beyond what is raised through workshop fees. For example, donations to this fund made it possible for us to purchase a 15-passenger van for transporting participants during the workshops. This fund also produced the sound system used during the workshops.


To make a contribution, click on the button above or

contact the Soltura Office by

calling (253) 857-3444 or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We appreciate your generosity and your support.